complex and high-risk technology delivery

greenstar technology is a team of experienced IT consultants and project managers with international exposure. Our aim is to bring expert knowledge and experience to our clients, helping them overcome complex technical challenges while maintaining high-quality standards. We believe in working closely with our clients and partners to deliver outstanding results on time and within budget.
Trade Floor Comms
Regulatory Compliance
Business Continuity
Cloud Transformation
Trader Voice Systems
Trusted by thousands of brokers and traders for secure private voice conversations and team collaboration.
Voice Recording
Resilient and high-availability voice capture for ethical and regulatory compliance.
Retrieval, Search & Replay
Reporting, Risk Management, Compliance, Training, Communication, Compliance.
Voice Archival & Retention
Secure audio storage with legal hold tagging and automated deletion based on record retention policies. 
Omnichannel Capture
Capture business communications across chat, sms, voice, Bloomberg, ICE, Skype, Teams, WeChat, WhatsApp including mobile voice recording
Monitoring & Surveillance
Real time analysis of communications for AML keywords, relationship patterns and abnormalities that alert analysts on multiple risk profiles.
Transaction Reporting
Automated reporting of transactions to regulatory commissions relieving the burden of manual entry, double-work, and mistakes.
Communications Retention
Secure communication data storage with legal hold tagging and automated deletion based on record retention policies.
Disaster Recovery
Technology failover and fail-safe solutions that minimize business disruption or outage. 
Delivery of technology solutions to enable working while traveling or from alternate working locations.
Technology solutions to enable a mixed staff of in-office and remote working.
New Ways of Working
Delivery of secure and reliable technology solutions that allow teams to work from anywhere.
Network Design (SD-WAN)
Software Defined Wide Area Networks that improve capability and decrease costs of branded hardware.
Cloud Transformation
Join the enterprise move from on-premise and mega datacenter deployments with automated deployments into secure cloud environment.
Securing data at rest, data in motion and data in-use while connected to both secure and un-secure networks.
Multifactor Authentication
Password-less authentication based on zero-trust standards that unlock privilege access for a more efficient work force.

Your trusted partner in mission-critical & high-risk technology
project delivery.

greenstar technology helps organizations incorporate agile methods and processes into their project portfolios to help them achieve goals, improve communication, increase productivity, and enhance team morale. We provide our clients with a customized approach based on their unique needs, with a focus on producing tangible results that can be tracked and measured. 
We provide expertise in managing complex programs, portfolios, and projects that include:
Project Management Office
Program Management
Agile Scrum
Project Portfolio Mgmt.
Project Methodology
PMI Certified
Agile Lean
Resource Management
Project Change Mgmt.
Project Rescue
Scrum Master
Project Mgmt. Mentoring
Supplier Management
Agile Transformation
Project's Full Potential
We help organizations to realize the full potential of their projects through the implementation of best practices in project and portfolio management. Our work helps organizations to balance strong business goals with stakeholder satisfaction.
Global Experience
Our team of experienced IT consultants and project managers have international exposure and bring expert knowledge and experience to our clients, helping them overcome complex technical challenges while maintaining high-quality standards.
Complex & High-risk
We have an extremely strong track record of success in delivering complex, mission-critical and high-risk technology solutions. We help you achieve goals and shape your future by leveraging the power of information technology.

Recognized by industry professionals using any project toolset.

Project capabilities and technology initiatives

More than just a product or service, we offer a complete solution to help achieve project success and business objectives.
Legal Hold and Records Retention for Cloud Archive of Business and Voice Communications
(800k) Data Stewardship: Legal and Compliance Systems Integrations to SaaS Voice Archival Solution to identify records for legal hold and the application of record retention policies. Alignment of Regulatory Requirements and Records Retention Requirements to the metadata of over 12 historic voice recordings solutions to identify the data that can be removed. The project output […]
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Cloud Transformation and Trader Voice as a Service (TVaaS)
(30M) Project to research and evaluate the next generation of Trader Voice Systems to support a global trading organization. The project included the RFI and RFP that included on premise and hosted IP trading platforms with on-premise and cloud service offerings for voice recording capture, system management and maintenance. The second phase of the project […]
Regional Offices Voice Systems Migrations Project
(800k) Project to migrate regional offices in North America to the newer, centralized Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cluster in the Mega Data Centers with considerations for the Trader Voice and Voice Recording Platform integrations. Sites include Houston, Boise, Stamford and Calgary.
Digital Security - Information Protection
(1.2M)Deliver infrastructure and digital security solutions to address Information Protection. The projects include two factor authentication and data loss prevention for a Houston-based Energy Trading organization, globally.
Trader Voice Security Improvements & Monitoring Project
(800k)The 2013 TVS Security Improvements Project will deliver the migration of the existing US remote monitoring service over to an Internet VPN solution including installations of SourceFire IDS in 5 locations in North America. As part of an on-going Maintenance; this project includes all software updates and security patches to be applied multiple times per […]
Cisco IP Telephony Engineering and Deployment
greenstar technology has supported some major Cisco IPT project by providing Cisco IPT engineering and deployment services for AT&T in North America for the nationwide Bank of America VOIP Transformation project and BlackBox Network Services for Cisco IP Telephony roll-outs for Petco, Countrywide & Merrill Lynch.
Regional Internet Gateway Project
(660k) Project to evaluate, design and implement new Internet gateway solutions for a Global Trading organization in Houston Texas. The project was to perform a comparative analysis on existing service versus a new planned solution to meet business requirements.

Let’s work together

Our project managers will help you reach goals faster by communicating with integrity, being completely honest about any problems that might arise along the way and working toward solutions as a team.

Using technology to deliver custom solutions and success for our clients

greenstar technology custom built the Automated Call Testing Service (ACTS) for an Energy client using Twilio.  ACTS performed over 100,000 automated test calls to load-test SIP Trunks, Trader Voice system configuration(s) and Voice Recording during a 2 year project to move their Trader Voice Systems to private cloud. 
greenstar technology built a custom application, hosted in AWS, that would generate project documents based on a single input form.  The Project Document Generator output over 100 project documents for 8 projects in a single year.   The PDG output Project Request Forms, Project Charters, Business Cases, Benefits Realization Plans, Terms of Reference and As-Built(s) as official project artifacts used to hand-over to operations.
Working with Equinix, greenstar technology helped define and develop a process for 3rd party cross-connects in 6 Cloud Network Exchanges around the globe.  These types of connections were not part of the Equinix product offering and solved a roadblock for our customer moving to a managed service for hosted private cloud. 
greenstar technology has moved many customers to Microsoft 365 and made Cloud Transformations possible. greenstar technology also enabled the exit of 6 Mega Data Centers possible by finding solutions in private and public cloud offerings.
greenstar technology broke through the barrier or systems integration with MuleSoft and custom API development that unified ServiceNow and Zendesk for Trader Voice Service Operations, linking ITSM and Ticketing.
We are a trusted partner for complex, mission-critical and high-risk IT project delivery.
Our highly experienced IT consultants and project managers have 25+ years of global experience and leadership.
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