technology solutions  for all of your IT needs

As a leading technology solutions provider, we maintain a staff of certified project managers and engineers that can assist your company with all of your technology needs. Whether you need help moving to the cloud, installing new systems or writing technology related RFPs, we've got you covered.
Core Networks
Cloud Network Exchanges, Data Centers and Connectivity through technologies that include Proxy, Load balancing, Compression, Palo Alto, Azure and AWS Firewalls.
Connectivity Platforms
Edge Networks with universal CPE and Network Function Virtualization, Multi-domain WAN, MPLS, Internet-breakout, optimization, QoS and performance based routing.
Site Transport & Access
Telecommunications, LAN and Wireless Access, and Layers 1-4 of the OSI model (Physical Layer, Data Link Layer, Network Layer and Transport Layer).

Voice and Data expertise at your fingertips

GreenStar Technology provides businesses with total communications solutions.  We specialize in trader voice systems, voice recording platforms, voice over IP (VoIP), unified messaging, mobility, conference calling, auto attendants, command & control, call center features and more.
VoIP, SIP, Unified Communications
Project and engineering expertise in PBX, iPBX, Voice Trunks, SBCs and VoIP Systems that include Avaya, Cisco, IPC, BT, Skype and MS Teams.
Network, SD-WAN, LAN, WLAN
Project and engineering expertise in medium, large and enterprise networks that include the latest technologies and architectural best practices.
Security, Firewall, Intrusion Detection
Project and engineering expertise in Information protection, multi-factor authentication, application layer firewalls, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems. 
Cloud Services, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
Project and engineering expertise in Azure and AWS services and components including Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platforms-as-a-Service, and Software-as-a-Service solutions.
Project and engineering expertise in voice and data circuits, satellite, microwave, 5G, WiFi6, IoT, mobile and corporate telephony.
Data Lake, Storage Gateways
Project and engineering expertise in Cloud storage solutions that include legacy data migrations and conversions and SaaS solutions for WORM-compliant retention.

In & out of data centers for cloud transformations

GreenStar Technology has experience in Infrastructure projects that include Cloud Network Exchanges, Mega Data Center build-outs and Data Center exits with the completions of Cloud Transformations.


Servers moved to Cloud
Complete server decommissions with integration and automation to move databases and applications to the cloud.


Cloud Network Exchanges
CNX build-outs for site and cloud connectivity using Load balancing, Proxy, Firewalls, SD-WAN and Encryption.

Let’s work together

Our project managers will help you reach goals faster by communicating with integrity, being completely honest about any problems that might arise along the way and working toward solutions as a team.

Using technology to deliver custom solutions and success for our clients

greenstar technology custom built the Automated Call Testing Service (ACTS) for an Energy client using Twilio.  ACTS performed over 100,000 automated test calls to load-test SIP Trunks, Trader Voice system configuration(s) and Voice Recording during a 2 year project to move their Trader Voice Systems to private cloud. 
greenstar technology built a custom application, hosted in AWS, that would generate project documents based on a single input form.  The Project Document Generator output over 100 project documents for 8 projects in a single year.   The PDG output Project Request Forms, Project Charters, Business Cases, Benefits Realization Plans, Terms of Reference and As-Built(s) as official project artifacts used to hand-over to operations.
Working with Equinix, greenstar technology helped define and develop a process for 3rd party cross-connects in 6 Cloud Network Exchanges around the globe.  These types of connections were not part of the Equinix product offering and solved a roadblock for our customer moving to a managed service for hosted private cloud. 
greenstar technology has moved many customers to Microsoft 365 and made Cloud Transformations possible. greenstar technology also enabled the exit of 6 Mega Data Centers possible by finding solutions in private and public cloud offerings.
greenstar technology broke through the barrier or systems integration with MuleSoft and custom API development that unified ServiceNow and Zendesk for Trader Voice Service Operations, linking ITSM and Ticketing.
We are a trusted partner for complex, mission-critical and high-risk IT project delivery.
Our highly experienced IT consultants and project managers have 25+ years of global experience and leadership.
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